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KV-Techniek and FUNAC

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KV-Teckniek and FANUC

Industrial automation since 1956, 264 establishments in 108 countries. A local presence and an extensive product range. This of course, describes the global company FANUC. FANUC is a true family business, founded by Dr. Seiuemon Inaba. The third generation is now in the company and Dr. Seiuemon Inaba has only recently passed away, on October 2, 2020 at the age of 95. The company is originally from Japan. FANUC Benelux has been located in Mechelen for about 20 years and has now more than 40 employees. Paul Bakker (Area Sales Manager of FANUC Benelux) came by for an interview.

What kind of company is FANUC

FANUC is a global player and market leader in factory automation. As the founder of machine controls, FANUC has focused entirely on three product

groups, Industrial robots & cobots, CNC controls and processing machines (milling machine, wire EDM and injection molding machine). Of course, IoT can no longer be ignored today, FANUC offers a platform with which the entire production process and environment can be monitored, so that maintenance can be scheduled in time and

Fanucproduction runs even more efficiently. With the slogan “Service First”, FANUC also focuses strongly on after-sales services, including availability of spare parts throughout the life of the FANUC product, tailor-made service contracts, training, etc. At FANUC, the customer and his production are central.

FANUC focuses on innovation; we never sit still and innovate continuously. More than 1/3 of the employees work in the R&D department. Fun fact; every part of a FANUC product is developed, produced and assembled in-house.After all, all our high-tech products and services ensure an optimization of the production process and an increase in the efficiency of our customers who are active in the manufacturing industry.

The robots from FANUC

With over 100 models, FANUC offers the widest range of industrial robots and cobots in the world. We also have a very wide range of robot accessories such as our own integrated vision system 2D and 3D, force sensors, … With the right combination, we ensure that we can offer the best solution that is completely focused on the needs of the customer.

In our own production there are more than 4,600 robots to have the product output as high as possible and to make production and assembly as efficient as possible. This is really necessary because we produce more than 318,000 products per month.

How great is the reliability of your robots at the moment?

FANUC is known for its quality and reliability. Because every part is developed and produced in-house, together with a strong service and spare part guarantee, the customer can be sure of the quality of his FANUC product.`

We know that there are still robots in production that are already 25 years old! A very good indicator of reliability and quality is the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), which now stands at 27 years!

KV Techniek | The Robot Company

What is the power of FANUC?

FUNAC is actually a unique supplier. We offer all products for the manufacturing industry and are a point of

contact for the customer. We are also a global player with a local presence with sales, service and support. We are also known for our close cooperation with our customers; be it integrat or, machine builder or manufacturer.

Where does FUNAC excel?

We excel in our huge product offer for the manufacturing industry as well as targeted support. Our collaboration with all our partners is also something we are proud of.

With this combination we are able to provide every one of our customer with the best solutions.

Is there any expected growth for FANUC as a company?

We actually see good growth every year. Every year FANUC develops new robots and accessories. These innovations create oppor

tunities in sectors and industries where automation may not have

been possible before. There is still a lot to automate.

What do you think of KV-Techniek?


We have now been working with KV-Techniek for over 3 years. During this time we have been able to realize many great projects together. From the first encounter with KV-Techniek, I saw a

driven and highly motivated team. Their attitude is perfectly in line with that of FANUC, which makes it very pleasant to work together. We see KV-Techniek as a very valuable partner with whom we would very much like to further automate the market.

How important is it for FANUC to have partners such as KV-Techniek?

Our robots can be integrated in many industries and various applications. That is why we have a very good network of integrators, each of whom has

built up their experience. In recent years, KV-Techniek has already proven that it has extensive experience and possess an excellent know-how. We see them as a very reliable partner with whom we would like to continue working with and recommend to customers.


Are you interested or do you want to know more about a FANUC robot feel free to contact us.

We as KV-Techniek are very happy to call FUNAC our partner and we we look forward to a long cooperation.