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Optimized robottool for palletising

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Optimized robottool for palletising

KV-Techniek develops robot tools themselves in other words grippers for the robot. We also keep looking for possibilities to optimize everything even further. So also the robottool the three-point gripper. This one is even more accurate and more efficient in its stacking pattern. Because of this optimization our three-point gripper has become more widely applicable.


We have optimized our three-point gripper robottool because of the following reasons. Namely increasing the maximum mass of the product to be lifted and making the three-point gripper applicable in installations with a robot arm with a small payload. We did this by lowering the weight of the gripper. Therefore we were able to achieve this by building up the design of the gripper in a smarter way and using lighter materials and components. Furthermore, components that may have caused problems in the past have been replaced or adjusted, this for an even longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Increased qualityGripper KV

We have also changed the drives of the linear units from pneumatics to servo-controlled. This gives the advantage that we can now precisely position the clam bar, so that we no longer have to squeeze the product but only hold it back. Because we have changed this, products such as cardboard boxes never get damaged and we can guarantee an even neater stacking. Another benefit of this robottool is for positioning the clam bar per product type. This allows the gripper to make shorter strokes, the capacity of the machine increases. Robottool KV

Widely applicable

The gripper is suitable for stacking boxes, trays or possibly buckets. And the gripper also has the function of taking the pallet itself and placing it in the stacking position. This can be beneficial in systems that are further automated with automatic pallet output. The gripper can also place the interlayers between the layers with an integrated vacuum system. For extra security, the gripper is also equipped with a skip function. This means that the height of the stacking position can be measured at the start of stacking and in between.


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