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KV-Techniek and ABB Robotics

KV-Techniek and ABB Robotics

We as KV-Techniek work with three robot brands. One of these brands is ABB Robotics.

What is ABB Robotics?

ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic software, peripherals and complete application solutions.

ABB Robotics is at home in more than 100 locations in 53 countries and more than 400,000 robots have already been delivered. The company has a workforce of 6,000+ professionals worldwide, including the widest service network in the industry. ABB Robotics is also a pioneer in the field of technology and service and an ‘early mover’ in digital. A one-stop shop from robots to turnkey solutions and the best software in the industry.

What makes ABB Robotics different?

Technology Leadership – A pioneer in industrial robots, collaborative robots and pioneer in digitalization

  • A robot pioneer with a long list of “world firsts”
  • An early mover in digitization and service innovation
  • YuMi, the world’s first truly collaborative robot

Global Local Footprint – Strong local sales and engineering coupled with deep global domain expertise and backed by the industry’s broadest service offering and network

  • An early mover in digital with more than 6000 connected robots in 750 factories
  • Value-based services focused on productivity and reliability
  • Tailor-made and standard service agreements for every level of “worry-free”
  • We sell products, systems and applications and provide service solutions for systems and applications

Unique offering – An integrated “one-stop-shop” from components to complete solutions from a trusted brand

  • Our heritage comes from thousands of turnkey systems installed in hundreds of factories in 53 countries
  • Co-development of unique, tailor-made solutions
  • Unique distinguishing factors in collaboration, simplification and digitization

Strong focus on solutions – Working closely with our customers to develop tailor-made, targeted solutions for specific industries and applications based on:


  • Management of increased automation complexityKV-Techniek en ABB Robotics
  • Removing barriers for new robot users
  • Faster launch time and efficiency


  • Efficiency throughout the life cycle: design, build, use and maintain
  • Unlocking a whole new applications
  • Finding a balance between the need for safety and the need for productivity


  • Efficiency throughout the life cycle: design, build, use and maintain
  • Actionable and proactive intelligence for greater reliability
  • Connecting automation islands between factories and companies

ABB-Robotics is active in most areas such as:

Automotive and Tiers, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Foundries, Metal Manufacturing, Tool / Machinery, Logistics, Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Transport & Recycling.

How does ABB Robotics help their customers to be more productive?

  • Our portfolio and expertise combine to create unique and targeted solutions
  • Flexibility while maintaining safety and productivity
  • Connecting to the digital world for better performance and reliability

KV-Techniek, Value Provider of ABB Robotics Benelux

In 2016, KV-Techniek and ABB-Robotics started the relationship when it comes to integrating ABB-Robotics in the Benelux. Since then a lot has happened and KV-Techniek and with it the cooperation between KV-Techniek and ABB has grown considerably.

The cooperation has been very constructive and friendly from the start, we work “with” each other towards beautiful technical solutions. We try to work closely together in all areas, starting during the sales process, during the engineering phase, during the assembly, and then by means of service and support during the entire “life-cycle” of the installations.

As an Integrator for ABB Robotics, KV-Techniek offers a wide variety of solutions including Food- and Non-Food related Picking, Packing and Palletizing projects. Thanks to the hands-on approach, a flexible attitude and a good team with solid knowledge and experience, we at ABB can confidently transfer an end customer to KV-Techniek, knowing that they will be helped in the right way with their automation issues.

We recently concluded this pleasant relationship by mutually signing the ABB-Benelux Value Provider Agreement with which we move even closer together and further strengthen the pleasant cooperation and support. We are looking forward to the future with a big smile because there is still a lot to robotize in the Benelux and beyond, we believe that with KV-Techniek, we have a progressive partner to turn future opportunities into successes for the user KV-Techniek and ABB-Robotics.


Are you interested or do you want more information about ABB Robot do not hesitate to contact us.