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Sustainable employability

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Sustainable employability

At KV-Techniek we think that it is important to get started on the topic of sustainable employability. We want to work on developing, collaboration, attracting and retaining employees. The aim is to have a corporate culture in which the attention to development of the employees is a continuous process.

What is KV-Techniek their vision on sustainability?

Within KV-Techniek we have larger and smaller projects that we carry out for customers. We do this with a team of different people. Everyone has its own qualities, specialties and characteristics. So everyone has their own role during the process of a project. It is important that you as a person do work that suits you and that makes you happy. For us, the art is to ensure that people are in the right place and continue to grow where possible. Appreciation within your work is also an important aspect that should not be forgotten. We believe that if your satisfaction as a person / employee is good, this has an effect on the atmosphere within the team.

Within the sustainable employability trajectory we looked at things that are going well within KV-Techniek and where possible improvements are possible. This has given everyone great insights in various areas. It is now our task to continue to develop and to keep an eye on our people.

European Social Fund

European Social Funds

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the European Social Fund (ESF) and is professionally supervised by a personnel advisor from ABAB personnel services.

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Do you have questions about our sustainability policy? Please do not hesitate to contact us.