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Sustainable employability

Sustainable employability

At KV-Techniek we think that it is important to get started on the topic of sustainable employability. We want to work on developing, collaboration, attracting and retaining employees. The aim is to have a corporate culture in which the attention to development of the employees is a continuous process.

What is KV-Techniek their vision on sustainability?

Within KV-Techniek we have larger and smaller projects that we carry out for customers. We do this with a team of different people. Everyone has its own qualities, specialties and characteristics. So everyone has their own role during the process of a project. It is important that you as a person do work that suits you and that makes you happy. For us, the art is to ensure that people are in the right place and continue to grow where possible. Appreciation within your work is also an important aspect that should not be forgotten. We believe that if your satisfaction as a person / employee is good, this has an effect on the atmosphere within the team.

Within the sustainable employability trajectory we looked at things that are going well within KV-Techniek and where possible improvements are possible. This has given everyone great insights in various areas. It is now our task to continue to develop and to keep an eye on our people.

European Social Fund

European Social Funds

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the European Social Fund (ESF) and is professionally supervised by a personnel advisor from ABAB personnel services.

More information

Do you have questions about our sustainability policy? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Industrial robot

KV-Techniek offers automation solutions by means of industrial robots. Now you can think what is robotic automation and what is an industrial robot.

What is robot automation?

Industrial robotRobot automation is the automation of a repetitive action in the production process through the use of an industrial robot. An action that is currently still done manually can be taken over by a robot. Automation saves costs and increases productivity and continuity. In addition, the quality of the product, hygiene and safety within the company are better guaranteed. In addition, the quality of the product, hygiene and safety within the company are better guaranteed.

Industrial robot

Industrial robots originate from the automotive industry. You now see more and more that companies outside the automotive industry that are interested in automating with a robot. The development in what a robot can do continues and is becoming more and more attractive from a price point of view. An industrial robot is able to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The advantages of an industrial robot is that it does not suffer from health factors and health and safety technical aspects. Think of a repetitive movement or lifting work that is difficult for people.

Applications with industrial robots

Industrial robot

In collaboration with KV-Techniek you can use robots for various purposes. Some examples of this are:

  • Palletizing
  • Casepacking
  • Pick and Place


Palletizing is the stacking of boxes or other items on a pallet. A pallet is taken from the stack and filled with the relevant goods by means of a robot. If


desired, it can be realized to use an intermediate sheet and it is also possible to stack several pallets on top of each other. The process takes into account

variation in the thickness of the pallets and there is a wide variety of box sizes.


Casepacking is placing smaller boxes in an outer box. An advantage of using a robot in such an application is that, for example, we can open the flaps of an American folding box by turning the robot while we place the products in the box. This is useful because he can now optimally fill the large box with the smaller boxes.

Pick and Place

Pick and Place

At Pick and Place, the position of the product is often registered by applying a vision camera and this information is passed on to the robot. The robot takes the products from the belt and places them (for example) in a box. You can combine Pick and Place with quality controls, so that you are assured that only the best products are packed. The capacity of this form of automation is up to eighty strokes per minute, whereby the system can be expanded with several robots, so that advanced combinations are created.


Are you interested or do you have any questions about an industrial robot, do not hesitate to contact us.

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KV-Techniek and ABB Robotics

KV-Techniek and ABB Robotics

We as KV-Techniek work with three robot brands. One of these brands is ABB Robotics.

What is ABB Robotics?

ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic software, peripherals and complete application solutions.

ABB Robotics is at home in more than 100 locations in 53 countries and more than 400,000 robots have already been delivered. The company has a workforce of 6,000+ professionals worldwide, including the widest service network in the industry. ABB Robotics is also a pioneer in the field of technology and service and an ‘early mover’ in digital. A one-stop shop from robots to turnkey solutions and the best software in the industry.

What makes ABB Robotics different?

Technology Leadership – A pioneer in industrial robots, collaborative robots and pioneer in digitalization

  • A robot pioneer with a long list of “world firsts”
  • An early mover in digitization and service innovation
  • YuMi, the world’s first truly collaborative robot

Global Local Footprint – Strong local sales and engineering coupled with deep global domain expertise and backed by the industry’s broadest service offering and network

  • An early mover in digital with more than 6000 connected robots in 750 factories
  • Value-based services focused on productivity and reliability
  • Tailor-made and standard service agreements for every level of “worry-free”
  • We sell products, systems and applications and provide service solutions for systems and applications

Unique offering – An integrated “one-stop-shop” from components to complete solutions from a trusted brand

  • Our heritage comes from thousands of turnkey systems installed in hundreds of factories in 53 countries
  • Co-development of unique, tailor-made solutions
  • Unique distinguishing factors in collaboration, simplification and digitization

Strong focus on solutions – Working closely with our customers to develop tailor-made, targeted solutions for specific industries and applications based on:


  • Management of increased automation complexityKV-Techniek en ABB Robotics
  • Removing barriers for new robot users
  • Faster launch time and efficiency


  • Efficiency throughout the life cycle: design, build, use and maintain
  • Unlocking a whole new applications
  • Finding a balance between the need for safety and the need for productivity


  • Efficiency throughout the life cycle: design, build, use and maintain
  • Actionable and proactive intelligence for greater reliability
  • Connecting automation islands between factories and companies

ABB-Robotics is active in most areas such as:

Automotive and Tiers, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Foundries, Metal Manufacturing, Tool / Machinery, Logistics, Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Transport & Recycling.

How does ABB Robotics help their customers to be more productive?

  • Our portfolio and expertise combine to create unique and targeted solutions
  • Flexibility while maintaining safety and productivity
  • Connecting to the digital world for better performance and reliability

KV-Techniek, Value Provider of ABB Robotics Benelux

In 2016, KV-Techniek and ABB-Robotics started the relationship when it comes to integrating ABB-Robotics in the Benelux. Since then a lot has happened and KV-Techniek and with it the cooperation between KV-Techniek and ABB has grown considerably.

The cooperation has been very constructive and friendly from the start, we work “with” each other towards beautiful technical solutions. We try to work closely together in all areas, starting during the sales process, during the engineering phase, during the assembly, and then by means of service and support during the entire “life-cycle” of the installations.

As an Integrator for ABB Robotics, KV-Techniek offers a wide variety of solutions including Food- and Non-Food related Picking, Packing and Palletizing projects. Thanks to the hands-on approach, a flexible attitude and a good team with solid knowledge and experience, we at ABB can confidently transfer an end customer to KV-Techniek, knowing that they will be helped in the right way with their automation issues.

We recently concluded this pleasant relationship by mutually signing the ABB-Benelux Value Provider Agreement with which we move even closer together and further strengthen the pleasant cooperation and support. We are looking forward to the future with a big smile because there is still a lot to robotize in the Benelux and beyond, we believe that with KV-Techniek, we have a progressive partner to turn future opportunities into successes for the user KV-Techniek and ABB-Robotics.


Are you interested or do you want more information about ABB Robot do not hesitate to contact us.

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Optimized robottool for palletising

Optimized robottool for palletising

KV-Techniek develops robot tools themselves in other words grippers for the robot. We also keep looking for possibilities to optimize everything even further. So also the robottool the three-point gripper. This one is even more accurate and more efficient in its stacking pattern. Because of this optimization our three-point gripper has become more widely applicable.


We have optimized our three-point gripper robottool because of the following reasons. Namely increasing the maximum mass of the product to be lifted and making the three-point gripper applicable in installations with a robot arm with a small payload. We did this by lowering the weight of the gripper. Therefore we were able to achieve this by building up the design of the gripper in a smarter way and using lighter materials and components. Furthermore, components that may have caused problems in the past have been replaced or adjusted, this for an even longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Increased qualityGripper KV

We have also changed the drives of the linear units from pneumatics to servo-controlled. This gives the advantage that we can now precisely position the clam bar, so that we no longer have to squeeze the product but only hold it back. Because we have changed this, products such as cardboard boxes never get damaged and we can guarantee an even neater stacking. Another benefit of this robottool is for positioning the clam bar per product type. This allows the gripper to make shorter strokes, the capacity of the machine increases. Robottool KV

Widely applicable

The gripper is suitable for stacking boxes, trays or possibly buckets. And the gripper also has the function of taking the pallet itself and placing it in the stacking position. This can be beneficial in systems that are further automated with automatic pallet output. The gripper can also place the interlayers between the layers with an integrated vacuum system. For extra security, the gripper is also equipped with a skip function. This means that the height of the stacking position can be measured at the start of stacking and in between.


Are you interested in our grippers or do you have any questions about this feel free to contact us.

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KV-Techniek and FUNAC

KV-Teckniek and FANUC

Industrial automation since 1956, 264 establishments in 108 countries. A local presence and an extensive product range. This of course, describes the global company FANUC. FANUC is a true family business, founded by Dr. Seiuemon Inaba. The third generation is now in the company and Dr. Seiuemon Inaba has only recently passed away, on October 2, 2020 at the age of 95. The company is originally from Japan. FANUC Benelux has been located in Mechelen for about 20 years and has now more than 40 employees. Paul Bakker (Area Sales Manager of FANUC Benelux) came by for an interview.

What kind of company is FANUC

FANUC is a global player and market leader in factory automation. As the founder of machine controls, FANUC has focused entirely on three product

groups, Industrial robots & cobots, CNC controls and processing machines (milling machine, wire EDM and injection molding machine). Of course, IoT can no longer be ignored today, FANUC offers a platform with which the entire production process and environment can be monitored, so that maintenance can be scheduled in time and

Fanucproduction runs even more efficiently. With the slogan “Service First”, FANUC also focuses strongly on after-sales services, including availability of spare parts throughout the life of the FANUC product, tailor-made service contracts, training, etc. At FANUC, the customer and his production are central.

FANUC focuses on innovation; we never sit still and innovate continuously. More than 1/3 of the employees work in the R&D department. Fun fact; every part of a FANUC product is developed, produced and assembled in-house.After all, all our high-tech products and services ensure an optimization of the production process and an increase in the efficiency of our customers who are active in the manufacturing industry.

The robots from FANUC

With over 100 models, FANUC offers the widest range of industrial robots and cobots in the world. We also have a very wide range of robot accessories such as our own integrated vision system 2D and 3D, force sensors, … With the right combination, we ensure that we can offer the best solution that is completely focused on the needs of the customer.

In our own production there are more than 4,600 robots to have the product output as high as possible and to make production and assembly as efficient as possible. This is really necessary because we produce more than 318,000 products per month.

How great is the reliability of your robots at the moment?

FANUC is known for its quality and reliability. Because every part is developed and produced in-house, together with a strong service and spare part guarantee, the customer can be sure of the quality of his FANUC product.`

We know that there are still robots in production that are already 25 years old! A very good indicator of reliability and quality is the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), which now stands at 27 years!

KV Techniek | The Robot Company

What is the power of FANUC?

FUNAC is actually a unique supplier. We offer all products for the manufacturing industry and are a point of

contact for the customer. We are also a global player with a local presence with sales, service and support. We are also known for our close cooperation with our customers; be it integrat or, machine builder or manufacturer.

Where does FUNAC excel?

We excel in our huge product offer for the manufacturing industry as well as targeted support. Our collaboration with all our partners is also something we are proud of.

With this combination we are able to provide every one of our customer with the best solutions.

Is there any expected growth for FANUC as a company?

We actually see good growth every year. Every year FANUC develops new robots and accessories. These innovations create oppor

tunities in sectors and industries where automation may not have

been possible before. There is still a lot to automate.

What do you think of KV-Techniek?


We have now been working with KV-Techniek for over 3 years. During this time we have been able to realize many great projects together. From the first encounter with KV-Techniek, I saw a

driven and highly motivated team. Their attitude is perfectly in line with that of FANUC, which makes it very pleasant to work together. We see KV-Techniek as a very valuable partner with whom we would very much like to further automate the market.

How important is it for FANUC to have partners such as KV-Techniek?

Our robots can be integrated in many industries and various applications. That is why we have a very good network of integrators, each of whom has

built up their experience. In recent years, KV-Techniek has already proven that it has extensive experience and possess an excellent know-how. We see them as a very reliable partner with whom we would like to continue working with and recommend to customers.


Are you interested or do you want to know more about a FANUC robot feel free to contact us.

We as KV-Techniek are very happy to call FUNAC our partner and we we look forward to a long cooperation.

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KV-Techniek and Yaskawa

KV-Techniek and Yaskawa

KV-Techniek is partners with Yaskawa. In this article they tell us something about their company and about the collaboration with KV-Techniek.

Yaskawa Benelux B.V.

Yaskawa Benelux B.V. operates from a strategic and inspiring location – Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven. With a passionate team as a partner for its customers. With a focus on industrial automation, Yaskawa offers integrated solutions for its customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Reliability, result-orientation and customer-orientation are important core values for our team.

2 business units operate in the Benelux: Robotics (industrial robots and cobots) and Drives, Motion and Control (frequency inverters, motion control, servo systems, PLC, HMI).



Yaskawa is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots and cobots worldwide. The program with more than 100 different models of robots and cobots, for all possible applications is unique. So whether it concerns handling, welding, assembly or painting, there is always a suitable robot or cobot available for the application. They also supply complete turnkey systems for arc welding, including welding templates and (off-line) programming if required. Quality and reliability have been keyfeatures in this regard for decades, as confirmed by our satisfied customers in many different industries.

Drives, Motion & Control

Frequency inverters, motion control, servo systems, PLC and HMI from Yaskawa have proven their value in the market. The company was founded in 1915 and combines experience with flexible automation with very broad market and application knowledge. Yaskawa supplies the knowledge, support and products from a single source. That makes Yaskawa Benelux a valuable partner.


Since 2014, Yaskawa Benelux has been working together with KV-Techniek. At that time still located at Kloetingseweg 13 in ‘s-Heer Abtskerke. The first proje

ct was a project for sorting horseshoes on a conveyor belt with conveyor tracking and vision. Several projects with Yaskawa robots have been done in many different industries.

It is great to see that KV-Techniek jumps into new markets with confidence and is able to successfully complete this through the knowledge and experience of the engineers. This positive drive and mentality has ensured that KV-Techniek is become what they are today: A beautiful and reliable company with extremely extensive experience in industrial automation, located in a beautiful building in Goes.

We look with great respect at KV-Techniek and what has been achieved in recent years and we hope to be a partner for many years to come.

Yaskawa logo


If you have become interested in a Yaskawa robot or if you would like to know more about it, please feel free to contact us.

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The latest developments at KV-Techniek

The latest developments at KV-Techniek

We at KV-Techniek, also known as ‘’The Robot Company’’ are a company specialized in automation solutions by means of industrial robots. We come to all kinds of places where we are asked to automate production as much as possible.

In many cases we can offer a suitable solution for this by using industrial robots, however, this does not work in all cases. We see opportunities to develop new automation for the customer completely separate from our robot automation. Because we have gained and mastered a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of automation within our company, we have decided to start a new development.

Weekly updates

You may have become curious about what our latest activity entails and whether the end result can mean something for your company. That is why we will keep you informed of our new development with the weekly messages we post and you will see our final result after five weeks. Feel free to take a look at our Facebook and LinkedIn page for the latest updates.

Update week 1

Our new development is in the starting blocks, so we have been busy drawing and designing in the past period. We have now started welding the steel frame. This is almost done, it is already starting to look like something! Below you can take a look at a few photos.

Update week 2

In week two we made the necessary progress. The frame has now been powder coated. We started the assembly this week. As you can see in the picture below the wheels are installed. And a number of essential tools that are necessary later in the project are ready in the workshop.

Update week 3

As can be seen in the pictures, it may no longer be a real surprise to many what our new development entails. The cabling and the outside plating have been mounted and we have also integrated a hydraulic installation. The next step will be programming / bringing the whole to life.

Update week 4

We have been busy programming and with results! He can drive autonomously! We also needed a name for the machine. This has been chosen and a nice logo is designed for it.


You can keep following us so that you will be the first to know about our latest, innovative service. If you have a question or interest in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Zeeuwse Innovation prize Emergo 2018

Zeeuwse Innovation prize Emergo 2018

The Zeeuwse Innovation Prize Emergo is an initiative of the Province of Zeeland, Dockwize, HZ University of Applied Sciences and the Chamber of Commerce. Omroep Zeeland is the media partner. The prize is awarded to an entrepreneur from Zeeland with the most striking innovation. The aim of the prize is to stimulate innovation in Zeeland. The prize consists of eternal fame and a work of art by an artist from Zeeland. This year the winner was allowed to have a custom work of art made by Jan Willem Hament, known from Leuntje & Mientje.
Groepsfoto KV-Techniek Emergo prijs 2018

The robot with which KV-Techniek has been nominated is a robot that places bags in boxes and then adds a fixed CO2 disk so that the packed fresh vegetables immediately freeze. As a result, the products heat up less quickly during transport and they have a longer shelf life and avoid unnecessary waste.

On Wednesday November 7th, 2018, the prize was awarded during the Contacta, a network fair in the southwest of the Netherlands. We thought it was very special to be nominated for the prize. During the Contacta we received the jury prize from the hands of Jo-Annes de Bat. Then we celebrated the victory with our employees at the booth.


If you have become interested in our products or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Zeeuwse Innovatieprijs Emergo logo

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