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Bastiaan Krijger started his entrepreneurship during his Higher Professional Education. He was involved with several technical projects in various branches. In 2012, he bought a batch of robots from Opel Antwerp and investigated if there was a market for automation by means of industrial robots. This way, a lot of manual activities could become more efficient. This was the start of KV Techniek.
During the first years, Bastiaan and his wife Annemarie worked together at a small office in their homevillage called ‘s Heer Abtskerke. Soon this location became too small, because KV Techniek grew rapidly into a well-known company and had projects throughout Europe. Five years after the foundation of KV Techniek, the company settled into a new, bigger office in Goes. Nowadays, around 15 people work at KV Techniek.
Because of our wide experience in production processes, KV Techniek knows the production process inside and out. Thanks to this knowledge, KV Techniek became a partner who is able to empathize with producers and is aware of the many differences that exist in production processes.

  • Bastiaan and Annemarie Krijger
  • The team of KV Techniek
  • The new building of KV Techniek
  • Annemarie Krijger
  • The team of KV Techniek