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17 March 2021

palletiseer robot

KV-Techniek has installed a robot line for palletizing boxes. The KV-Techniek servo-controlled three-point gripper with pallet hooks and a vacuum system for taking cardboard sheets is attached to the robot. There are 2 pallet places around the robot where empty pallets are placed.

The robot takes a pallet from the stack itself and places it in 1 of the 2 pallet places. Then he will stack the boxes on the pallet with a capacity of 20 boxes per min. A cardboard sheet is placed on the pallet and on different layers, for the strength of the stack.

The palletising software developed by KV-Techniek is part of the entire line, with which operators can easily create stacks themselves. So if a new / different box format needs to be stacked, they can have a new stack programmed within 10 minutes. This enables palletizing of boxes with different box sizes.

Are you interested in this robot or do you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.